Helpful Links

Helpful Links – The Business Network. Great articles and links related to management, business/industry, strategy and worklife. Offers a good e-newsletter for no cost. – The Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce serves businesses in Synder, Union, Northumberland and Montour Counties. If you are a business owner in one of those counties, or your business serves customers in that area, this is a great organization to become involved with. Rhonda Campbell Consulting is proud to be a member of the GSVCC. – Recognition Professionals International is a non-profit association of employers who study, develop and promote systems that enhance employee engagement and performance through employee recognition. Great resource for reward and recognition ideas, research, etc. – Want to be sure that email someone sent you is true and not an urban legend? is an excellent source to check out the authenticity of email before you forward it. – Workforce Management. Great articles and links related to management, training, human resources, recruiting and staffing, technology. Offers a good e-newsletter for no cost. They also have a training-centered e-newsletter. – This site provides tips for improving business writing. There is a lot of free information available as well as an e-newsletter.

What are some of your favorite professional websites? Let us know and maybe we’ll add them to our list!